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KHAN7KPMS3The Domino indexing code could have crashed depending on the state of a view. The crash stack would be like...
MCMA7DKLA8Opening a Repeating Resource Reservation database entry causes Notes Client Crash.
JALS674N7FTabs are being converted to spaces on outbound SMTP messages. The messages were getting two spaces on each tab. The fix was to properly follow server...
ANIA7DJFY3Change the behavior for MIME to select charset such that while sending a message that contains more than one language set to the...
KTIS7JSH8JWhen the Domino Directory is opened local on a Notes client and the Server is started, one will get error that the Domino Directory is open by other...
NORK7RE4SBCRLF in RFC822 Comments cause improperly formatted internet messages. As a result Domino was improperly construct the outbound MIME stream and this...
ASBE7LCE93Fixed crash when accessing job scheduler views in admin client
DANG7HEPYXAll archive policies were not honored by the compact command on the server. This fix resolves this situation.
DVDI7QGDJ5Fixed a Server crash on Adminp with the message "PANIC: LookupHandle: null handle"
DTRR7SVEZ4Fixed a problem where the focus was not being set properly when performing a view search in Administration Client. This problem had resulted in a...
WWHN6NEU9RFix an issue when the Router crashed due to a character conversion issue
TMIZ5P3EY3The itemizer functionality ( how we process parts of a message ) has never correctly handled messages with missing or out-of-order boundaries. ...
PPLV7PU3VTFixed a server crash when the Server was in the process of performing many MIME to CD conversion on many messages which contained GIFs....
GRHE7NCMXKPrevent Domino server crash or database corruption due to problem in bucket allocation code.
TBEY7N9K3QFix problem with Hierarchical folders not showing children for ODS48 and above databases. Databases will need fixup run on them after upgrading to a...
YYSN7NG4JDNotes 8.5 print to CUPS-PDF always fails
BBSZ7R4BS9Prevent a new window from popping up when performing a backup or restore using the transaction logs
PCHE7NFMEQIf the new flag DESIGN_ERR_TMPL_NOT_FOUND is passed to the C API function DesignRefresh an error will be returned if the template cannot be...
CJON7RCSJJWhen the registration agent runs on the server there is a situation where an error can occur, resulting in the user being registered but the mail...
MMQS7HFKL4A policy cache was implemented on the server to increase performance, however, the returned policy wasn't being correctly qualified by user. It was...
ADSA6RCEXEEnhance fixup to repair 64GB databases.


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